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Doggy Doos Boutique & Barkery, located on West Lockhart Street in Sayre, PA, is a fun place to shop for (and with!) your pet. Bring them in to say 'Hi', pick up a yummy treat or ice cream pup-cup, a new toy or a cute new doggy doo!

(Pictured here are owner Melanie Stratton and one of our adorable clients, Ruby!)

Melanie Stratton


Melanie began her adventures in life with many animals as a young child and wanting to help all the helpless souls. She worked many years for an amazing veterinarian in upstate NY and then moved to PA to work for a local animal hospital with even more wonderful veterinarians.

Melanie opened her new shop, Doggy Doos Boutique in 2017. She is a firm believer in a species appropriate diet for   pooches, kitties and all other little furry friends. Melanie would love to work with you on balancing these diets for health & wellness. Her journey into integrative medicine & healing from a totally traditional vet tech point of view has been very interesting and eye-opening! 

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