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Visit us at our new location—136 West Lockhart Street in Sayre!


Learn more about some of our best-selling products, then stop by the store to pick up some for your pet.


Fromm Family Pet Food

We love Fromm Family Pet Food for their integrity to health, wellness and deliciousness for your pets. This family-owned-and-operated company makes all of their dog and cat food at their manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, ensuring quality and safety in every batch. Visit Doggy Doos for grain-in and grain-free options for your canine and our feline friends!


Answers Pet Food

Have questions about raw feeding? Answers is your answer! Stop in and let's talk about raw feeding. You won't believe the difference it will make for the health and wellbeing of your furbaby.


Ultra Oil for Pets

This is one of our favorite products for skin, coat, joints and much more. Ultra Oil is a combination of hempseed, flaxseed, fish and grape seed oils, that, when blended together, help strengthen your pet's immune system and promote healthy skin. It's also useful for relieving itching and scratching, soothing hotspots, and replenishing dry and flaky skin.


Healthy Hemp Pet Company

Infusing their products with hemp oil, Healthy Hemp Pet Company creates its pet products to help ease movement and calm nerves.

Their drops, balms, treats and more offer a healthy way to treat your animals' pain and inflammation, anxiety, neurological disorders, suppressed immune system and much more.


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